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—————————————————Required Background Information——————————————
Hiring Manager Name/Title:  Judy Favia / HR Director
Position Title: Sales Manager
Search Category (Contract/C2H/Direct Hire): DP
Geographic Worksite Location (City/State): 100% onsite in Bowling Green, OH        
Onsite Work Requirement (100% Onsite/Hybrid/Fully Remote): 100% onsite
Details on Hybrid (Days per Week/Month Required Onsite & Can Hire Live Outside Local Market):
Required Work Authorization (USC/GC only or H-1B): Citizen

—————————————————–Client Desired Outcomes—————————————————–

What is the downside to you personally if this position remains unfilled? (Workload, hours, boss’s judgement)- they is currently no one in this role now so the Plant Manager is doing the job
What is the likelihood after my company invests $5K to $10K in payroll conducting the search on contingency that the search will be postponed, pulled or not approved? na
What is the ultimate objective this hire will accomplish? Will help manage current clients and help build and diversify client portfolio moving forward
What problem or issue needs to be fixed or satisfied by this hire? Backfill this position
Please walk me through where this position would sit in your department’s org chart > specifically:
Who would this resource report to? Elijah- Plant Manager
Who would this supervisor report to?  Elijah is highest level at plant 
If you could paint a picture – what does this team look like? It is a 1 person sales team

————————————————–Technical Skill Qualifications—————————————————

I’d like to clearly articulate the day to day to this job to our candidates:

If you were to break down the job into how much time was spent, from a % basis, on the major tasks, what would that look like?

Macro Duty 1 (%): Manage existing clients (65% Toyota & 30% Honda +)
**If Macro Duty is very vague – we need to probe and real question
>Micro Duties #1: keep client happy
>Micro Duties #2: upsell current agreement
>Micro Duties #3: try to renegotiate current agreements
>Micro Duties #4: try to upsell existing agreement

Macro Duty 2 (%): Learn furnace side of business
>Micro Duties #1: ultimately try to sell furnace products too
>Micro Duties #2:
>Micro Duties #3:
>Micro Duties #4:

Macro Duty 3 (%): Identify opportunities to sell into new markets / segments / vertical
>Micro Duties #1:  diversify from all automotive
>Micro Duties #2:
>Micro Duties #3:
>Micro Duties #4:

Macro Duty 4 (%): 
>Micro Duties #1:
>Micro Duties #2:
>Micro Duties #3:
>Micro Duties #4: 

Please Force rank the top 3 tech skills this resource needs to possess to hit the ground running?
Skill #1:  Understand sales forecasting, revenue, forecasting, cost -profit analyst
Minimum Years of Experience in Skill to be Considered: 10+ (20+ is ideal)

Skill #2: Work Independently
Minimum Years of Experience in Skill to be Considered: same

Skill #3:
Minimum Years of Experience in Skill to be Considered:

——————————————————Personality / Cultural Fit—————————————————-

To mesh in/fit in with the existing group, what personality characteristics or management style must they possess?  Must work independently, must have thick skin, must be able to work in open office environment

Fast-Paced/Energetic or Laid-Back/Methodical
Assertive/Aggressive or passive/compliant
Multi-project oriented or single task focused

—————————————————–Compensation / Benefits—————————————————–

Direct Hire
Target Salary: $90-$105K/yr
Bonus Opportunity: up to 15% bonus
If I have a candidate that checks all the boxes of your requirements but is 20K over the salary – do you still want to see the CV? Yes
What is Bonus Based On – personal performance, corporate performance, combination? Will let candidate help decide
What is the track record of bonus pay out for the last 2 years? n/a- this is new
Profit sharing or Stock provided. no
How frequently are salary reviews conducted? Annually
How much does the company contribute to monthly health/dental/vision premiums? Great benefits / low cost
Can you have someone send me the benefit plan detail summary? Yes

Target Bill Rate: na
Do not submit at: na

—————————————————–Employee Value Proposition————————————————

What is your “Employee Value Proposition?” – 100% autonomy, no micromanage, collaborative leadership team- you add to the vision, minimal travel, mon-fri work week, great employees / culture
Why would someone want to work for your company? Listed above
Why would someone want to take this particular job? Compensation, schedule & ability to lead something

——————————————————–Client Hiring Process——————————————————-

1st Interview with: Judy & Elijah
Title: HR & Plant Mgr
Persona or Focus of the interview: personality & background

2nd Interview with: Dinner with Elijah
Title: Plant Manager
Personal or Focus of the interview: right fit
Time between first and second interview: asap

3rd Interview with: none
Personal or Focus of the interview:
Time between first and second interview:

Is someone currently in this position? no
What is that person’s name? na
What would you add/subtract from that person’s skills to make them a perfect fit for this job?

Are you currently in the interview process with any candidates? no
If you have been interviewing for a while, are you noticing any patterns where candidates have been falling short? Personality
Who are we competing with on this search? Just DOWA
Internal HR? yes
Other agencies? no

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