OCM Consultant

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Job Title: OCM Consultant
Job Location: Tallahassee, FL (On-Site)
Job Type: Contract (Through 6/30/2024 with a high chance of extension)
Daily Tasks and Responsibilities:
The OCM Consultant will serve as the principal line of communication for the project team. The duties and responsibilities of this position are as follows:

  • Developing and executing change management strategies and plans to ensure maximum employee adoption with minimal resistance
  • Conducting change impact assessments, including stakeholder identification, impact analyses, and change readiness evaluations
  • Utilizing structured methodologies and tools to create stakeholder engagement, communications, and learning strategies
  • Producing key deliverables such as communication plans, coaching plans, training plans, resistance management plans, and readiness assessments
  • Translating system and process changes into actionable activities for employees and stakeholders
  • Collaborating with various business units to ensure consistent change adoption across the organization
  • Creating and managing comprehensive stakeholder engagement plans, anticipating and addressing potential resistance
  • Identifying potential risks and devising appropriate mitigation tactics
  • Developing, executing, and monitoring a program communications plan
  • Coaching executive leadership and other key stakeholders to facilitate successful change
  • Establishing efficient communication processes, including preparation, utilization of channels, review, and distribution mechanisms
  • Advocating for and implementing activities that promote user education and adoption of new services and technologies
  • Formulating and executing the program’s training/learning initiatives
  • Evaluating success through Customer Experience and Satisfaction metrics
  • Ensuring the timely execution of all OCM-related project deliverables
  • Providing mentorship and guidance to other team members as needed
  • Undertaking other duties as assigned within the project scope.

Required Qualifications:
The Department requires the following experience, skills, and/or knowledge for this position:

  • At least five (5) years of recent experience in organizational change management, with a focus on communications and leading enterprise-level process improvement projects within IT environments
  • Strong project management skills, including proficiency with tools like Microsoft Project, and a comprehensive understanding of change management principles and methodologies
  • Demonstrated resilience in navigating ambiguous situations, with strong decision-making and problem-solving capabilities
  • Effective communication skills with a customer-service and teamwork-oriented approach
  • Experience in mentoring teams, and influencing collaborative efforts, with a history of working alongside technical IT teams and business users.

Preferred Qualifications:
The Department prefers the Candidate to have the following experience, skills, and/or knowledge for this position: 

  • Hold a relevant change management certification (e.g., Prosci, Certified Change Management Professional, Accelerating Implementation Methodology, or Change Management Specialist)
  • Previous experience in government projects, with a preference for those involving law enforcement or criminal justice
  • Proactive problem-solving skills and strong initiative
  • Exceptional communication abilities, capable of engaging effectively with diverse stakeholders
  • Proficiency in negotiation and mediation techniques
  • Demonstrated skills in facilitation and team-building exercises
  • Familiarity with IT standards within criminal justice environments, including knowledge of Criminal Justice Information Services standards, if applicable; and
  • Experience managing large-scale OCM initiatives, particularly those with extensive user bases and in high-paced environments.

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