Senior Software Engineer (ETL)

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Job Title: Senior Software Engineer (ETL)
Job Type: Direct Hire
Location: Austin, TX
Referral Bonus: $3,000

Our client continues to grow and onboard new clinics, our data migration/ETL processes also grow in scope and complexity, with a need for more bespoke solutions. To satisfy this demand, we are establishing a DataSync team whose primary function will be to build out and own any-and-all processes which capture and bring external data into our client.

As a senior software engineer on the DataSync team, you will be responsible for independently designing, building, and maintaining robust ETL systems from the ground up. The primary objective mostly consists of building bespoke data extraction tooling. The ideal candidate should thrive in an autonomous work environment, taking ownership of their work and demonstrating a high level of expertise in the previously stated domain.

This is a completely greenfield project; the only real constraint is to deliver high-quality software within the given timeline, with an expectation to maintain and iteratively improve our ETL processes, new and existing alike. Given a period of onboarding and some general collaboration to get the project off the ground, most of your time will be focused on system design and programming with minimal supervision and little to no context switching.


  • Understand data files/structures from an approved host of source systems
  • Help to build a suite of tools to extract data from given sources
  • Ensure data integrity and accuracy
  • Determine and use the best programming languages and analysis tools for the job
  • Design and build processes that securely and efficiently handle production data
  • Map extracted data to internal data structures
  • Adhere to security best practices and protect sensitive information
  • Communicate effectively within your team
  • Deliver production ready software with respect to given timelines
  • Take ownership of and responsibility for delivering a completely greenfield project
  • Document the data engineering process and findings
  • Create comprehensive documentation for future reference and knowledge sharing
  • Champion culture of good security, coding standards, architecture patterns, resiliency


  • 5+ years of commercial experience, any of which working with ETL systems is necessary
  • Proven experience in engineering data structures, protocols, and file formats
  • Familiarity with tools and techniques for understanding applications and databases – i.e., binary data analysis
  • Knowledge of data security principles and best practices
  • Awareness of legal and ethical considerations related to data privacy and intellectual property
  • In depth knowledge of relational databases and proficiency in SQL
  • Elixir/Erlang experience or interest – our main stack is Elixir based
  • Experience design and building complex systems from scratch
  • Exceptional documentation and written communication skills
  • Proven ability to work in an independent manner with minimal oversight

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