IT Technician

Gravity IT Resources

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Primary Responsibilities

  1. Office 365

User and group management of Office 365 at both the Admin and Client level. Must be able to implement and review retention policies, transport rules, quarantine procedure and device access. Must be okay working directly with users to assist with Outlook, Teams and One Drive.

  1. Proprietary Software

We have a small team of in-house developers writing software for our manufacturing and customer service environments. When issues with this software arise, you will need to work together with the dev team to find a resolution. Having a broad computer vocabulary is encouraged to minimize miscommunications and ensure errors are recorded clearly and accurately.

  1. Asset Tracking

As our company has grown, our asset density has increased. You would be responsible for keeping an organized list of IT assets (computers, printers, scanners, license) and consumables (toner, cables, batteries) to ensure those assets remain operational.

  1. Operations Support

Our operation has several specialized devices that require dedicated support. Examples include automated label printers, HMI computers and wireless tablet scanners. We have a dedicated maintenance team who can handle routine upkeep, but you will be asked to support them in the event of an error.

  1. Computer Setup

When new computers are added to the business, you will be responsible for their initial setup. Existing computers will also need Disk space management, software installation and device setup.

  1. Communication

As your understanding of our software grows, your value as a point of contact for the development team will become vital. You will need to communicate clearly and professionally with individuals both inside and outside of the company. A phone line will be present at your desk and a company email provided to you.

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