Database Analyst

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Job Title: Database Analyst
Job Location: Tallahassee, FL (Hybrid)
Job Type: Contract (Thru 6/30/25)
 Job Responsibilities:
The Advanced Database Analyst(s) will be responsible for operational duties and assisting with the administration of the Department’s Enterprise Oracle Databases and shall perform, at a minimum, the below tasks and/or activities:

  • Database administration in a large Oracle (12c and 19c) Solaris-based production environment including assisting Department staff, as directed by the Contract Manager or Functional Manager, with the following
    • All stages of database implementation and deployment.
    • Analysis, review, coordination, and implementation of new database requests.
    • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolving database performance issues or related problem resolution. Provide administration and support of Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Forms, and Oracle Reports.
    • Provide maintenance and support of server hardware with Sun Solaris operating systems.
  • Provide direct support for Oracle databases as assigned by the Contract Manager
  • Ensure that the logical data model design adheres to the Department’s standards-based upon best practices and guidelines.
  • Coordinate and deploy application changes, including Procedural Language/Structured Query Language (PL/SQL) object and data model changes, to production databases following industry best practices and Department policies and procedures.
  • Write 12c and 19c Structured Query Language (SQL), PL/SQL, Oracle Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, and Database Triggers, as required, to augment security and performance requirements of application development.
  • Write and use custom scripts and processes to handle data loads, data cleansing, and data migration to include migrations to and from multiple data sources and types such as Access, SQL Server, Excel, flat files, and different Oracle database versions.
  • Run diagnostic tools to identify database performance issues and take appropriate corrective actions to improve database performance.
  • Work with development teams to tune SQL queries and improve performance.
  • Ensure that the associated hardware resources allocated to the databases result in high availability and optimum performance as defined by the Department.
  • Design, implement and maintain database maintenance scripts, including replication and monitoring.
  • Perform daily operational duties, including monitoring, statistical analysis, and troubleshooting of performance issues using appropriate and Department-approved tools and scripts.
  • Design and maintain automated processes including DBA jobs, DBA scheduler, and CRON scripts. M. Attend and participate in all assigned meetings.
  • Attend Department-required training
  • Complete a Project Report and a Project Timesheet on a weekly basis.

Required Qualifications:

  • Ability to communicate effectively (verbally and in writing) with Department staff.
  • A minimum of ten (10) years of IT business/industry work experience.
  • A minimum of five (5) years of Oracle Database Management Systems administration.
  • Experience with Sun Solaris operating systems and Oracle WebLogic.
  • A minimum of five (5) years supporting multiple services and multiple databases of medium to high complexity with multiple concurrent users, ensuring control, integrity, and accessibility of data.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional
  • Experience leading the planning, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of Oracle Relational Database Management Systems.
  • Experience leading the installation, configuration, and maintenance of Sun Solaris operating systems and Oracle WebLogic.
  • Experience working in a Unix environment.
  • Extensive experience diagnosing, isolating, and resolving complex problems pertaining to the database infrastructure.
  • Extensive experience writing PL/SQL, SQL, and Oracle Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, and Database Triggers.
  • Extensive experience in designing logical databases and data models.
  • Knowledge of data privacy and protection initiatives
  • Strong communication and collaborative skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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