Data Engineer

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Job: AWS Data Engineer
Job Type: Contract
Location: Remote

Overview: We are seeking a highly skilled AWS Data Engineer with a strong background in Python, Spark, and Business Intelligence (BI). The ideal candidate will be an experienced data pipeline builder and data wrangler, adept at handling large, complex data sets and optimizing data pipeline architectures.
Key Skills and Experience:

  • Scripting Languages: Proficient in Python, Scala, SQL, with strong experience in the RDBMS space.
  • AWS Cloud Services: Expertise in RDS, Redshift, Glue, EMR, Lambda, S3, NoSQL, Step Functions, Lake Formation, and Terraform (Infrastructure as Code).
  • BI Tools: Proficient in Tableau and QuickSight.


  • Assemble large, complex data sets that meet functional and non-functional business requirements, with experience in working with Lakehouse architecture.
  • Design, develop, and enhance optimal data pipeline architecture.
  • Maintain system and process documentation, creating production process playbooks for handoff to the production team.
  • Develop data mining procedures.
  • Work with major database engines.
  • Apply knowledge of data modeling concepts.
  • Handle heterogeneous data sets effectively.

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