Linux Systems Administrator

Gravity IT Resources

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Gravity is seeking a qualified Linux Systems Administrator to install, configure, and manage systems across our Linux environment. This position will perform standard Linux System Administration duties as required to maintain smooth operation of multi-user computer systems, consisting of Linux physical and virtual machines, Linux-based appliances, and High Performance Computing cluster.

Responsibilities Include:

Installing, configuring and updating operating systems and applications.
Install new and rebuild existing servers, configure hardware, peripherals, services, storage, etc. in accordance with standards and project/operational requirements.
Setting up administrator, user, and service accounts; as well as maintain documentation, tuning system performance, and installing or deploying network wide software.
Installation, integration, acceptance testing, and on-going maintenance of our HPC/GPU systems and software environment.
Working closely with users to ensure computational needs are met, and adhere to organizational policies.
Other responsibilities as assigned.

Required Skills and Abilities:

General knowledge of Linux and Unix operating system concepts, and systems administration experience.
Ability to develop and maintain documentation on system administration procedures for routine and complex tasks.
Experience with compiling, installing, and troubleshooting software.
Familiarity with Active Directory and LDAP in Linux Environments is required.
Familiar in multi-factor authentication platforms and solutions, such as OpenID, LDAP, and Kerberos.
Experience with high performance computing environments and monitoring tools
Experience writing and troubleshooting code (Perl, Bash, Python, Ruby).
Experience supporting Apache and Nginx Web Servers.
Experience supporting database systems, such as MySQL and/or Postgres.
Effective communicator and collaborator.
Good time management skills, self-motivated, and well organized.
Excellent analytical, problem-solving and scripting skills in any common language (Perl, Bash, Python, Ruby
Excellent written communication and documentation skills.
A successful candidate will have a strong knowledge of all the required skills and 5+ years experience working in enterprise environments. The candidate must have an excellent knowledge of IT infrastructure; and how systems are interconnected and accessed.

Additional Preferred Skills and Abilities:

Experience with SAN Architecture.
Experience in High Performance Computing, specifically Slurm and Singularity.
Experience with infrastructure monitoring, logging and alerting; ideally with Elasticsearch.
Experience with enterprise-grade hardware, specifically blade servers and chassis.
Experience with automation and deployment tools; such as Katello/Foreman, Chef, Puppet, etc.
Have working experience with VMware virtualization platform.
Have experience with scientific applications and Deployment in research environments.
Experience in SAN architecture, enterprise hardware, Active Directory/LDAP integration, automation tools, virtualization or containerization are highly encouraged to apply.

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