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Experience and Qualifications:
• Knowledge of Agile development methodologies and IT project management as typically acquired through a Bachelors` degree in relevant field (business, computer science, humanities etc.) and a minimum of 3 to 5 years direct experience with agile teams as well as 7 years in business, technology, or consulting.
• Experience in the insurance industry preferred. Knowledge of Commercial insurance underwriting, Rating and Pricing and/or Surety business is a plus
• Experience with JIRA, Confluence
• Able to depict and explain the importance of complex ideas, issues and designs to varied audiences; educate SBU/department(s) on business vision and plan and the impact of change
• Able to influence a diverse group of stakeholders; strong leadership skills.
• Able to make difficult and quick decisions daily.
• Strong problem solver with demonstrated ability to lead a team to push the solutions and progress.
• Knowledge of relevant products and portfolio preferred.
• Strong experimental mindset to drive innovation amongst uncertainty.
• Familiarity with Lucid/Miro a plus (not required and can be learned on the job)

Job Description
Time spent would be 70-80% Tech product owner working with a Tech squad, 20-30% Business Process Owner researching and mapping out underwriting processes

As a Tech Product Owner, responsibilities include:
• Collaborates to create product vision and alignment with strategic priorities with stakeholders. Contributes to the development of the portfolio vision. Communicates product and portfolio vision to their squad/team and other squads/teams outside their portfolio/functional area.
• With the squad/team, collaboratively accountable for developing and achieving product level KPIs. Manages product(s) with a moderate degree of strategy, scope, and complexity.
• Owns and maintains the product backlog and is accountable for its contents and prioritization. Accountable for clear, actionable user stories.
• Sets priorities and actively participates in squad/team quarterly planning. Collaborates with more senior Product Owners to set priorities for portfolio quarterly planning.
• Sets expectations with stakeholders for delivery of new capabilities, features, and functionalities. Participates in squad/team demos, retrospectives, and all other ceremonies.
• Works daily with the agile working group, clarifying business requirements, removing roadblocks, constantly communicating, and supporting alignment around product strategy.
• Collaborates with IT and business leadership to align development and business goals and priorities while working with stakeholders and squad/team to remove roadblocks to execution. Resolves open issues/questions quickly and efficiently.
• Monitors and maintains the product health, supporting long-term product viability and efficiency, and balancing long and short term and costs with desired outcomes.
• Collaboratively builds the squad/team product roadmap, contributes to strategy inputs from stakeholders. May contribute to program/portfolio level planning. Influences stakeholder expectations for delivery of new capabilities, features, and functionalities.
• Communicates expected value and any changes in value to be delivered in each iteration (sprint, monthly, quarterly, etc.) based on the squad/team-determined capacity.
• Leads customer-driven design and usability testing for the squad/team.

As a Business Process Owner, responsibilities include:
• Research and expertise into underwriting processes including deep-dives, user research, mapping out current state and planning future state process flows.
• Support, research, document, and design digital processes. Propose suggested processes and outline business implications
• If applicable, identify and create business requirements for enhancements of existing technology.
• Assistance with organizing change management strategy such as user acceptance testing, feedback loop, training, communication, answering user questions along with deployment analyst
• Serve as the primary representative and subject matter expert for the business if Tech has any questions on processes. Answer ad-hoc questions on user experience in various underwriting systems– how do UW use certain components of underwriting systems, user workflow, etc.
• Conduct user interviews and build process maps in Lucid/ Miro that outline user process pain points

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