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Job Summary

The Business Systems Analyst’s primary role is designing enhancements, new business applications, and information systems solutions through integration of technical and business requirements. Essentially, linking Business Analyst needs and Architect definition to technical solutions. This position will serve as a technical designer to identify best solution and resulting technical specifications within limits of the coding environment.  

Essential Roles and Responsibilities 

% of Time Spent 

Essential Tasks/Duties/Responsibilities 


Work very closely with the Product Owner and Subject Matter Experts to determine the essential details, value, and priority of each business request. Work collaboratively as a part of the development team to develop sometimes ambiguous ideas into valuable IT solutions. 

Deal with conflicting ideas and interests effectively and professionally through negotiation and problem-solving skills. 


Capture important details and communicate clearly and concisely with both business experts and technical team members through face-to-face conversations, documenting real-time clarifications and design details (e.g., via mockups, whiteboard, wiki updates, …) and written correspondence. 


Develop and document detailed data integration, technical specifications, and designs 


Present your work, or the work of the team, to various audiences including other IT teams, end-users, company leaders and other stakeholders to explain and promote changes and elicit constructive feedback. 


Comply with established delivery processes and help examine and evolve team specific guidelines to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the software delivery lifecycle. 


Contribute to elevate the team culture with an open mind to constructive criticism, sharing honest non-judgmental feedback, and embracing a positive and pragmatic attitude towards continuous improvement. 


 Skills and Qualifications 

  • 3 Years minimum SBA specific experience. 
  • Proficiency in Agile development techniques. 
  • A solid understanding of application development, analysis techniques, and tools used in the software development lifecycle. 
  • Programming experience (preferred not required) – C#, .NET or other popular languages. 
  • Experience with Data Integration preferred – Real time, Batch Files, Queue, API, SSO, SOAP, REST. 
  • The ability to interact with and professionally present to a diverse group of stakeholders, including end-users, executives, managers, and subject matter experts. 
  • Able to organize, coordinate, motivate and influence users and teams. 
  • Analytical, problem solving, and strategic thinking skills. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of the relationship with the Business partners. 
  • Be precise, concise, and clear in all communication – Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Be prepared to succeed in a fast moving, rapidly changing environment. 
  • Ability to gather and interpret relevant data and information. 
  • Must have flexibility and the ability to learn quickly in various technical and creative environments, while delivering quality work within tight deadlines. 
  • Protect and take care of our company and member’s data every day by committing to work within our company ethics and policies. 

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