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————————————————–Requirement Form——————————————– 

Job Title: FBGA Engineer  

Employment Type (Contract/C2H/Perm): Full time  

If Contract 

Opportunity to go perm:  

Duration of assignment:  

Target Bill Rate (Contract):  

Target Pay Rate (Contract):  

College Degree Required?  

Work Location (Onsite vs. Remote vs. Hybrid): Onsite (infrastructure isn’t in place to remote) in hanover maryland (Linthecum) 

# of Openings:  

Open to visa candidates?  

Why is the position open?  What is the level of urgency to fill?  

-They have dsp engineers that write code in matlab, which is a software test to see if algorithm will work. FBGA engineers take those algorithms and make them work in the real world. C++ is too slow. Hardware is way faster than what can be run in a typical computer. Without these engineers they cant deliver hardware  

-people come from digital systems/design background  

What are the top 3 tasks or responsibilities this candidate will be required to do on a day-to-day basis? 

-hdl development (hardware description language) Verilog, systemverilog, vhdl 

-working with dsp engineers to translate matlab into hdl. Just need to know some hdl language  

-also testing their own code (module development/unit testing) 

-module dev, integration, and testing 

Force rank the top three (3) tech skills a candidate would need to succeed and min number of years of experience with each skill: 

-being able to read and understand matlab code that someone else has written. Take that matlab and make into hardware 

-experience with dsp on fbga’s 

-great attitude about learning  

-understanding digital signal processing in FBGA’s  

-designing a motive in hardware is awesome  

What are the business challenges addressed by this project & which business users will benefit from this piece of technology & what is the benefit to the user? 

Who is your internal customer?  

What is the impact this project will have on the business? 

Force Rank top 3 soft skills needed for Success? 

Why would someone want to work at this company – what is your “Employee Value Proposition (EVP)”?  What are the company’s differentiators in the market? 

-Very early startup, so you have ownership over initiatives from the ground up (very large impact on the company direction) 

-Really values teaching, they want to become something like a bell labs (did amazing research projects) 

-They aren’t just tacking onto existing technology. What they are doing is completely new and never been done before. “Breaking new ground.” 

-The People who came up with this technology understand how FBGA’s work, and know they need to design algorithms to work that way. They are all working on a team towards a common goal.  

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