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————————————————–Requirement Form——————————————–

Job Title: Front End React Engineer

Location: Remote

Employment Type (Contract/C2H/Perm): Perm

Target Salary (Perm): $120,000- $130,000

College Degree Required? Bachelor’s degree

# of Openings: 1

Why is the position open?  What is the level of urgency to fill?

They are growing as a company so they need more resources on their team of engineers.

Force rank the top three (3) tech skills a candidate would need to succeed and min number of years of experience with each skill:

  1. React- 3 years
  2. Typescript- 2,3 years
  3. Rails- 2,3 years
  • backend end exp is a plus – can bring them up to speed on rails
  • testing exp is a plus – automated/test in development – needed for senior level

What are the business challenges addressed by this project & which business users will benefit from this piece of technology & what is the benefit to the user?

Challenge: It’s a small team right now and they are still laying out what kind of direction they want to take the company in. Nothing is really set in stone.

Benefit: They work closely with customer facing and this will give the person a chance to grow with a company that is rapidly expanding since covid.

Force Rank top 3 soft skills needed for Success?

  1. Collaborative by nature
  2. Hit ground running
  3. Proactive

Team size: 8 people

Open to visa candidates? US Citizens or Green Card holders only

Extra Notes

  • resource will be working with designers, product teams, and interviewing users
  • figure out how to make this app competitive
  • needs to be involved and engaged
  • no bonus structure – figuring out stock structure
  • INT process : phone screen – general conversation
  • coding screen – see if you have think while you code
  • two whiteboarding sessions – can you work with system design/databases
  • meet with CEO/possibly others
  • currently in exploratory phase – not in a terrible rush for resources – need to run fee structure past CEO

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