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Job Title: Manager of DevOps & Tools

Location: 100% Remote

Position Type: Contract to hire (3-6 months)



Manage personnel responsible for care, optimization, and maintenance of developer tool chain. Using DevOps methodologies, drive the team to create optimal pipelines using CI/CD systems, respond to emergent issues affecting developer productivity, streamline SDLC to allow safe-path developer-led deployments, and create infrastructure-as-code playbooks to best utilize cloud services.



  • Continually evaluate and coach as necessary DevOps-focused personnel.
  • Continually assess developer and business needs through periodic, scheduled and ad-hoc interactions.
  • Encourage mentor pairings and create a succession plan. Identify and foster emergent talent.
  • Ensure architecture and workflow documentation are well-documented, easily accessible to all developers, and up to date. Work with developers to establish documentation standards that focus on freshness, completeness, and accuracy.
  • Install, configure, and maintain Windows and Linux virtual and containerized servers with cloud providers.
  • Administer and maintain the source code control environment.
  • Design, configure and deploy production, QA, and developer web environments for ecommerce platform.
  • Deploy launch-ready websites to production.
  • Design, build, optimize, and troubleshoot developer tool chain.
  • Perform load testing as needed for high volume deployment, DNS, and domain registrar administration.
  • Ensure security best-practices are followed throughout developer workflow.
  • Use, configure, and troubleshoot CDNs to offload and optimize website content.
  • Research and present infrastructure and software tools used in the support and maintenance of ecommerce platform 
  • Perform other job-related functions as assigned.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field of study. Master’s degree preferred, or any combination of relevant education and work experience.



  • Minimum 5 years of IT support and planning experience.
  • Experience with .NET, PHP, Java, Scala, Ruby, and other Web programming languages desired.
  • Demonstrated experience with production server support.
  • Experience with quality assurance activities and with agile development practices preferred.
  • Possess strong management skills of IT personnel.



  • Excellent customer centric skills.
  • Effective training and support of user communities with web technologies and tools.
  • Strong negotiation skills and the ability to communicate needs both up and down the command chain.
  • Ability to generate enthusiasm amongst your team and others.
  • Excellent documentation and other written skills.
  • Sensitive to personnel’s varying coaching needs.
  • Strong grammar skills.
  • Concise and responsive email, phone, and chat presence.
  • Ability to present confidently among peers and leadership.
  • Anticipate and adjust communication to match audience’s needs.
  • Unwavering commitment to honesty. Focus on building positive and collaborative communities.
  • Foster productive inter- and intra-team communications.
  • Ability to de-escalate conflict.
  • Depth and breadth of provisioning and CI/CD tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Helm Terraform, and Jenkins.
  • Solid understanding of network routing, CDN operation and functionality.
  • Expertise using AWS to create elastic workflows that respond to ebbs and surges of production activity.
  • Solid understanding and demonstrated application of network and high-availability architecture.
  • Expert in use of Jenkins pipelines that utilize Github, Jira, and static code analyzers.
  • Understand and support varying team schedules for POC and production deployments.
  • Support of IDE integration into our toolchain.
  • Evaluate and advise on new technologies that help us set our deliverability and code standards higher.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of network systems and IT infrastructure for support, maintenance, and planning purposes.
  • Thorough understanding of web architecture and problem solving.
  • Thorough understanding of Windows and Linux based computers systems.
  • Knowledge of server installation, configuration, and support. Solid working knowledge of VMware or related virtualization technology, LDAP, Java Web applications, Git, DNS, firewalls, and load balancers.


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