Maximize the Power of IoT by Deploying AWS

Leverage Cloud Storage for Its Business Benefits

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that uses networked devices and sensors to connect and automate physical systems. These devices communicate with each other, cloud storage, and humans through various wireless technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and many more.

IoT is already having a positive impact on society, as it has led to more convenience for consumers. This is not only about getting your coffee in just one click, but also about saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions. However, the benefits of IoT are not limited to consumers.

In workplace and business environments, it can improve productivity, reduce downtime, eliminate errors, enable more efficient management of entire processes and infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve profits.

To maximize the benefits of a growing IoT ecosystem, organizations will need to adopt new strategies for data collection, data analysis, and decision making.

Predictive Analytics Is Revolutionizing a New Era of Data Collection

Predictive analytics is revolutionizing the way businesses collect data and analyze it. You can use predictive models to predict what might happen or what will happen if you take certain actions. Machine learning algorithms can also identify patterns in customer behavior. This helps organizations make better decisions related to their marketing efforts or product development process.

Consequently, predictive analytics are now being used by all kinds of industries like retail, banking, telecoms, insurance, etc., especially in industries where there are high volumes of data but limited resources.

The major challenge for most organizations is navigating the enormous amount of data that is available.

Huge Amounts of Data Are Riding on the Cloud

Several trends have increased the importance of cloud-hosted data. The IoT and its connected devices and systems are generating enormous amounts of data, which will grow even further.

According to IOT Business News and IDC, by 2025 there will be 56 billion connected devices. Impressive. Even more impressive is the amount of data they will generate – 79 zettabytes of data. Almost a third of this will require real-time processing.

It used to be that storing data was expensive. Organizations would need to choose which data to keep and which to trash. Often, this means losing the data that you need to make the best business decisions.

The good news? The cloud has driven down the cost of data storage. Indeed, between 2008 and 2019, the cost of storage per gigabit dropped by 83% on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS – Your Perfect Cloud Storage Solution?

Data is a strategic asset, which must be protected. Yet it must also remain accessible to analytical tools, so that it delivers the insights that will help drive benefits to your business.

AWS IoT Core enables you to connect devices and secure data held in the cloud. It provides multi-layered security and continuous monitoring of system integrity, and allows you to scale more easily.

Further, at the time of writing, it is the only cloud vendor that enables data management and analytics to use services that have been designed specifically for IoT data use.

Finally, AWS allows you to create models and deploy them to devices where they operate at speeds other services cannot match.

Where Do You Start?

The starting point for transition to AWS in the cloud is to migrate your data to a data lake. This holds your data in its raw form. You can now access all data (including data that was previously siloed) to analyze.

There are lots of steps to get your data across to AWS. Some data will need to be cleaned. Some will need to be enriched. Some will need to be transformed. You will also need to configure security policies to protect your data.

Why focus on data first? Because it has been shown that you can migrate as much as six times faster by doing so, rather than by focusing on your application-led migration.

With data migrated, you will need to set up your analytics tools to extract valuable insights from your data. It is this capability that will enable you to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to take advantage of predictive analytics and respond to the massive flow of real-time data that your business and the surrounding environment is creating.

Deploy AWS to Maximize the Benefits of IoT in Your Business

No need to spend innumerable hours and effort on deciding which data to collect and store, and which to trash.

Data that is accessible across your business, but that remains secure and protected.

Speed of analysis that enables you to respond in real time, and make more informed and effective predictive decisions.

Plus, a low cost of data storage.

Our clients who we have helped to embed IoT and AWS into their business aren’t looking back. They are focused on a future in which they maximize all the benefits of increasing amounts of data used to enhance the effectiveness of their IoT ecosystem.

To learn more about the benefits and outcomes you could achieve, contact Gravity IT Resources today.

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