Leverage Referrals to Strengthen Your Teams


Candidate referrals are 66x more likely to result in a successful placement*. While only 7% of applicants come from referrals, 40% of all hires are referrals*. Gravity IT Resources’ referral driven staffing model leverages the power of referrals for our clients’ benefit.


Referral Driven

We know how important your team is to your success. You've been given aggressive goals and your company is counting on you to deliver. You need the right resources with the right skills - right now.

Research shows that referrals are the most productive source for finding talent for your open positions. In fact, >40% of IT hires are made through referrals and these candidates perform better and stay longer once on your team.

The problem is referred candidates are typically <7% of your candidate funnel - not enough volume to make an impact on your results.

Gravity IT Resources has developed a proven, innovative approach to deliver referrals at scale using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

How it works

  • One

    Provide Local IT Community Compelling Financial Incentives

    Direct Hire Roles: We share 10% of our fee, typically $1,500 - $3,000

    Contract Roles: We share 1% of the candidate pay rate for the life ofthe contract, typically $75 - $100 per month

  • Two

    Marketing Referral Program at Scale

    Gravity promotes its referral program to the local IT market through user groups across all major skill sets.

    We use our proprietary AI and ML driven SaaS referral platform to proactively solicit referrals from a constantly growing database of 1M+ IT professionals in the US

  • Three

    Transparency and Rewards for Everyone

    Referrers are notified by our platform as their candidates move through the interview process

    Gravity pays out referral fees through Paypal or ACH


  • One

    3X the number of referred candidates

  • Two

    Access to a whole new talent pool you are not reaching today - highly qualified and engaged passive IT candidates

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