Should You Follow the NBA and WNBA and Use ServiceNow Products?

ServiceNow Could Deliver Your Business Future Today

It’s official! ServiceNow is the official workflow partner of the NBA and WNBA. Over the course of a multi-year agreement, ServiceNow will deliver products and technologies that will help the leagues’ businesses position and operate for growth and expansion in the post-pandemic world.

It’s not surprising to us. ServiceNow products really can transform business performance.

Experience with ServiceNow Prompted Action

As the NBA and WNBA restarted their seasons, it employed the services of ServiceNow to ensure that games could go ahead without a hitch. ServiceNow’s workflows were used to manage all the manual processes involved with the restart. This included making sure that health screening at arenas ran smoothly, allowing the NBA and WNBA seasons to finish successfully.

Talking of the partnership, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said: “ServiceNow provided critically-important resources to help us safeguard the health and well-being of everyone on the NBA and WNBA campuses – and we would not have been successful without them. We look forward to building on our partnership and working together to ensure our organization is well-positioned for whatever lies ahead.

Those critically important resources facilitated successful screening of 2,600 league staff, vendors, and guests and the effective processing of more than 13,000 essential documents. A big test on which the NBA and WNBA has made its decision to partner with ServiceNow.

Product Rollouts Will Boost the Leagues’ Business Efficiency and Effectiveness

It’s not only ServiceNow’s workflows that will help to transform the leagues’ business. Product rollout in the coming years will help to reduce the waste that costs businesses money and custom every day. These wastes include:

  • Excess processing, caused by poor communication, duplication, and overlap of work
  • Waiting time, caused by poor workflows, and adding overhead costs
  • Overstocking, because of poor stock control procedures
  • Non-utilized talent, because of poor time and location management of human capital

The specific products that the NBA and WBNA will benefit from include:

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM)

Managing all your software can be a painful and time-consuming process. You must monitor all the software your company uses, manage licenses, ensure that software is in compliance with internal and external regulations that affect your business, and optimize software across all your business functions.

SAM increases visibility, enabling you to work smarter and faster. It reduces your risks, and cuts spending on software and software licenses.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management Pro (ITOM Pro)

Gartner has found that four out of five businesses will cease to support on-premises data centers by 2025, replacing them with colocation, cloud, and hosting solutions. If you don’t modernize your IT infrastructure, you risk it being unable to support your business within four years.

Enter ServiceNow ITOM. This product improves visibility into your IT infrastructure and the services you run. This helps to prevent outages, improve utilization of cloud resources, automate work, and air approvals and governance of your IT infrastructure. The result? Greater efficiency and agility of your IT operations and infrastructure, and lower costs.

ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

To scale a business as fast as the NBA and WNBA wish to, you must look toward digital transformation. This will enable you to become more flexible and reduce the impact of costs as you grow. However, as you navigate digital transformation, you will discover that this increases the complexity of your IT environment and internal governance, risk, and compliance. This soon requires expensive and time-consuming manual intervention.

By integrating ServiceNow IRM, you can deliver quick wins that add huge value over time. You will control risk more effectively, improve decision-making across your business, increase productivity, and establish accountability – all while scaling your IT capability to grow your business.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM)

Today’s customers are more enlightened and more demanding than ever. They are also less forgiving and less loyal. However, get things right and they are also more likely to become strong advocates of your business.

ServiceNow CSM helps you to manage all interactions with customers, across the whole of your business and irrespective of engagement channel. It helps to automate processes from the back office to customer-facing roles, connecting departments and workflows, and helping you resolve problems even before customers have made contact with you.

ServiceNow Gives You the Power to Build the Future of Your Business Today

ServiceNow is growing rapidly, and it’s easy to understand why. Being cloud-based, you have no tie to a local resource, which means you access immediate scalability across multiple sites. Its products and technology really do help businesses to operate more fluidly and scale faster. It delivers out-of-the box solutions that improve business efficiency and effectiveness, integrating with all facets of an organization.

ServiceNow could be the single most effective partnership your business will benefit from. Contact Gravity Resources to learn how.

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