Top 5 In-Demand Salesforce Developer Skills for 2021

Excel as the Standout Candidate in Salesforce Developer Jobs

According to the average annual salary of a Salesforce developer is more than $85k. Prospects in this role are strong, too.

Salesforce commands around 19% of the worldwide CRM market. Among the sizzling CRM statistics, you’ll see that:

  • CRM revenues are expected to increase to $80 billion by 2025
  • 91% of U.S. businesses with more than 100 employees use CRM
  • 87% of companies that use CRM used a cloud-based system

Salesforce is a big fish in a deepening pool, with the demand for Salesforce developer jobs likely to continue to grow. In this article, we outline the five skills that will make you a standout candidate in 2021 and beyond.

1.    Technical Skills for Salesforce Developer Roles

While you don’t need to hold certifications to be Salesforce developer, you should be able to demonstrate that you know how Salesforce works. Certifications are evidence of this.

You will also need to show that you are adept at developing cloud-based integration, and have a strong command of the following programming languages and development technologies as a minimum:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • APEX
  • Visualforce
  • SOQL

In addition, you will be expected to use web development tools such as:

  • Eclipse
  • ID
  • Git
  • Sublime

When working outside of Salesforce, you have far fewer limitations than when working inside it. For example, you should show that you understand how to work around the limit on SQL queries in a Salesforce transaction by mapping information in a loop to make a single SQL operation.

As well as technical skills, you should have well-developed soft skills. These include:

2.    Communication Skills

You’ll need to ask questions in a way that non-developers understand them. You’ll also need to interpret the answers you receive. Before coding a solution, deep understanding of the problem is essential. It is rare that users will ask for the right things.

3.    Analytical Skills

As part of the process of understanding, you should have an analytical mindset. Again, you’ll need to ask questions to drill down to the outcomes that the users and the business expect. You’ll need to code, test, and code again, helping the business to properly define required outcomes.

4.    Open-Minded Learning Skills

Development is blighted by obstacles and stumbling blocks. You’ll need to be patient, and willing to alter your approach to solve problems that arise during a project. These problems may be of a technical nature or because of new regulations or business needs.

Additionally, life as a Salesforce developer is one of continual learning. Salesforce release regular updates, continuously improving its systems. You’ll need to adapt to new technologies, procedures, and processes to maintain your capability as a developer.

5.    Business Acumen

A very sought-after skill is business acumen: the ability to understand how your work impacts the business and helps it achieve its strategic goals. You may be required to explain how strategic decisions impact Salesforce operations, and how your work may impact the business.

Develop All-Round Skills to Be a Standout Salesforce Developer

It’s easy to concentrate on developing the technical skills you need to embed as a Salesforce Developer. Certainly, these are required to do the job expected of you. But it is the soft skills that will make you stand out in this role, especially as you advance your career toward leadership roles.

Here at Gravity IT Resources, we are continually looking for talented people to fill Salesforce developer roles – whether as direct hire, contract-to-hire, or within our staff augmentation and contract services. Do you have what it takes to make an impact?

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