Top Clouds in the Salesforce Ecosystem for 2021

7 Salesforce Clouds to Make a Difference

Salesforce’s business model is developed around partnerships, with what is now a huge array of apps and clouds in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Its success is because of the success of each of its partners, developers, and customers that it works with. Salesforce provides the infrastructure for services via clouds that exist within this infrastructure. Which of these are most relevant to your business in 2021?

7 Salesforce Clouds to Help Shape 2021

The world has changed. Perhaps forever, maybe for better. When considering our top Salesforce cloud selections, we’ve accounted for developments in commerce, health, and society.

1.     Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud brings all a business’s customer data together, fusing all disciplines of sales – from lead generation through marketing, sales, and customer service – to enable fully coordinated functionality. It also provides access to a huge array of apps through AppExchange.

2.     Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud helps a business to navigate its customers’ journeys on a single platform, delivering the right message at the right moment as the customer is moved down the sales funnel.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps navigate the entire customer journey on one platform. It provides channels and helps marketers deliver the right message at the right time, providing automation of workflows, enhancing lead generation and customer conversion, and empowering cross-channel marketing.

3.     Service Cloud

The Service Cloud enables a company to provide more coherent services, such as advice centers, customer assistance, and call center functions.

4.     Commerce Cloud

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is likely to be one of the most popular clouds in 2021. It provides eCommerce functionality, sharing data across a single integrated platform. You can deliver personalized online shopping experiences, and embed continuous innovation without disruption – a stabled and scalable eCommerce solution.

5.     Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud enables more effective and efficient collaboration in a community that connects customers, partners, and employees. You can share ideas and problems, get help from others, and share services.

6.     Philanthropy Cloud

Designed to help organizations meet and beat their corporate social responsibility goals, the Philanthropy Cloud helps to connect employees to the right opportunities to give back. There are more than 1.4 million causes to donate to, and the cloud helps organizations measure their social impact and customize the philanthropy experience.

7.     Health Cloud

One of the latest additions, the Health Cloud is bound to be a popular cloud in 2021. This cloud allows patients to connect with their doctors and health providers, view their care and treatment plans, get answers to common health-related questions, and fill in forms ahead of appointments. It has been developed in partnership with several medical and health companies, including Accenture, Deloitte, Philips, and PwC.

Tools to Help You Maximize Salesforce Clouds

To maximize the benefits of Salesforce, there are many apps and services to help you. Here are just three of these, to give you a flavor of what can be done using Salesforce.

1.     The Lightning Platform

The Lightning Platform is a fully optimized tool designed to accelerate developers’ productivity. It is easily integrated into other technologies, and uses low-code tools to improve user experiences.

The native language of Salesforce is Apex, and this can execute to interact with your platform on Lightning. The platform also includes Lightning Web Components, which is a JavaScript framework. With a variety of SDKs and a host of APIs to assist with data processing, the popularity of the Lightning Platform is of little surprise.

2.     AppExchange

Before developing your own solution, search the AppExchange from Salesforce. At the last count, this Salesforce store holds more than 5,000 solutions that are ready to install. Read peer reviews to help decide which you need – including Lightning Data, Bolt Solutions, Flows, components, and apps. More than 6 million customers have installed apps from AppExchange.

3.     Flow Builder

Creating flows helps you to work smarter. It saves time and ensures that tasks are correctly completed. However, if you don’t create flows properly you could find yourself in trouble. This is where Flow Builder comes in.

Flow Builder is the interface used to create individual flows, without the need to use a programming language. This negates the need for a developer and Sandbox, meaning it can be deployed without employing a developer using Apex code.

Are You Getting the Most from Your Salesforce Platform?

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