Better Decisions Through Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics

You've done the hard work of lifting and shifting your applications and data to the cloud. Or maybe you've been cloud native from the start. Either way, you know it's time to refocus your energy.

You need to pivot from getting your data into the cloud to building and executing a strategy to harness your cloud data for better decision making. Gravity's Cloud Analytics Consulting team can help.

Our team of cloud analytics strategists, solution architects and practitioners are laser focused on understanding your unique business challenges, matching those challenges with relevant data and establishing processes and solutions that help you make better decisions.

Gravity Cloud Analytics can provide innovative and effect support in the following areas:

  • Cloud Analytics Strategy and Roadmaps
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Analytics Consulting leveraging Athena, EMR, Elasticsearch, Kinesis, Redshift, QuickSight, Data Pipeline, Glue and SageMaker
  • Cloud Analytics training
  • Cloud Analytics staff augmentation services

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