Designed To Help Clients Scale Quickly And Cost-Effectively

Managed Team Services

Today’s advancements in technology provide significant opportunities for business leaders to innovate and create business value.

Leveraging the power of technology requires an equal investment in human capital with the right technical skills to design and execute.  Pairing cutting-edge technology with digital talent is where meaningful value creation happens.

Managed Team Services is a new and easy approach to rapidly scale the teams needed by our clients to leverage technology to its full potential.

Building A Team With The Right Resources

Gravity’s Managed Team Services is designed to simplify how IT business leaders grow and scale their contingent labor teams to convert cutting-edge technology into business results.  Managed Team Services was created to provide our clients with a simple buying process to quickly and efficiently add multiple resources to their teams.  Gravity Team Services provides clients with a single point of contact to understand your project’s human capital needs and enhanced support and benefits to translate that need into a complete team that is ready to execute.

Candidate Selection

  • Screening

  • Interviewing

  • Onboarding

(In partnership with client or independently.)

Financial Management

  • Consolidated Billing

  • Budget Management & Reporting

  • Financial Reporting

Resource & Performance Management

  • Timecard Administration
  • Performance Feedback Delivery & Documentation

Knowledge Management

  • Information Capture / Documentation
  • New Resource Training
  • Offboarding / Knowledge Transfer

The Features Of Managed Team Services

  • Delivery Management
  • End-to-End Support
  • Blended Delivery Model

The Benefits Of Managed Team Services

  • Improved Resource Quality And Time To Productivity
  • Increased Efficiency And Quality Of Output
  • Cost Optimization

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