Specialized Technology Talent Transforming Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial services institutions are embracing technology at unprecedented speed to strengthen security, heighten efficiency, and improve the customer experience amidst growing complexity and competition. As systems integrations, data platforms, AI capabilities, and specialized compliance controls reshape how banks, credit unions, wealth management firms, and insurance carriers operate, demand has skyrocketed for technical teams with extensive financial industry exposure.

For just under a decade, Gravity has partnered with leading financial enterprises to plan, build, and support business-critical technology initiatives tailored to key priorities around customer-centric digital transformation, cost optimization, regulatory adherence, and future-proofing for innovation. Our dedicated financial services recruiters leverage specialized expertise and connections to rapidly deliver pre-vetted contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire talent skilled in aligning platforms to unique processes while maintaining security and compliance.

Explore how Gravity provides financial services firms access to certified IT professionals equipped to skillfully execute modernization programs spanning data analytics, cloud migrations, AI automation, blockchain explorations, and more. Discover tailored teams purpose-built to transform your enterprise.

The Gravity Partnership

Owner Access and Issue Resolution

Working directly with Gravity co-founders provides  access to technology labor and services expertise while ensuring personalized attention, fast decision making, and flexible terms and conditions.  Available on a text / call basis, Gravity’s leaders and your designated  account relationship manager work together to ensure 100% compliance and performance in your program.

Industry Expertise

Deep experience across Financial Services & Capital Markets. Familiarity with how large matrixed Financial Institutions operate and the niche Technology, Data, Security and Compliance roles required to deliver Financial Services.

Speed and Quality

The Gravity process ensures the people you see are the best qualified. Our recruiting experts are skill-set specific and have already interviewed, tested & qualified every candidate. Utilizing “GliderAI” testing platform for technical proficiency evaluations.

Experience with CWPs and MSPs

Active partners in large-scale MSP’s & Contingent Work Programs.

Able to provide references upon request.

Referral-Based Sourcing

Gravity has developed a proprietary referral-based sourcing model that pipelines a large network of talent to draw from. We financially incentivize the IT ecosystem to refer us hard-to-find niche technical talent in their network. We can quickly scale to align top-tier talent with our clients’ requirements.

Currently over 65% of Gravity’s placements originate from a referral.

Problems We Solve For

  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Customer Authentication & Identity Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • FinTech Integration
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Regulatory Compliance

Financial Institutions Leveraging Gravity's Capabilities

Capabilities & Services 

Staff Augmentation

Labor Categories

  • PMO & Agile
  • App Dev & Mobile
  • Data: Engineering, Analytics, Science & Machine Learning
  • Cloud Enablement & DevOps
  • Gen AI, ML, LLM
  • Information Security
  • Compliance, KYC, AML, Audit & Reg Reporting


  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
  • SAP / 4HANA
  • Oracle
  • Workday
  • LangChain
  • Celonis
  • ThoughtMachine

Nearshore Staff Aug

Labor Categories

  • Skillsets same as onshore
  • Resources in Central & South America

Program Offerings

  • English speakers tested on literacy
  • Strong technical expertise
  • Within +/- 2 hours of EST time-zone

ERP Advisory

Practice Offerings

  • Program Leadership & Advisory
  • Professional Services
  • Staff Augmentation

Managed Team Services

Candidate Selection 

  • Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Onboarding

Financial Management

  • Consolidated Billing
  • Budget Management & Reporting

Resource & Performance Management 

  • Timecard Administration
  • Performance Feedback Delivery & Documentation

Knowledge Management 

  • Information capture
  • New Resource Training
  • Offboarding/ Knowledge Transfer

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Client Testimonials

Global Banking Executive

"Our working relationship with Gravity has allowed us to quickly go to market by providing the right resources at the right time and rates. Gravity has invested in our relationship and demonstrated this via their willingness to work with us and support us through various challenges and opportunities."