Leverage Referrals to Strengthen Your Teams

Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion

Gravity IT Resources believes a diverse workforce improves outcomes and results for our clients.

Gravity IT Resources employs a focused strategy to improve diversity, equity, access & inclusion within our contingent and full-time workforce recruitment strategies. It’s no secret that most of the new and higher paying career opportunities in the next decade will be in the technology field. Gravity has adopted an AI/ML platform that identifies & highlights diverse candidates in our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for technology positions.  These candidates receive priority screening and those that fit our client’s technical skills requirement are rapidly presented.  This system pays DEA&I dividends for our clients on day 1.


Most new and high paying jobs will be in the field of technology. This poses a problem for marginalized groups, particularly women and minorities, who are both typically underrepresented in tech. Gravity addresses this problem through both “Upskilling” and “Access”.

Upskilling refers to providing individuals with more advanced skills through additional education and training. This is exactly what is required to provide underrepresented groups with the tools required to participate in the technology industry. Gravity IT Resources has partnered with multiple upskilling organizations - including Per Scholas, CareerCircle, and Augusta HiTech - to connect new upskilling program graduates with companies willing to hire them for entry level IT positions.


However, Upskilling alone is not enough – once one learns the skills to succeed in entry level tech jobs, one also needs “Access” to information about available tech jobs and connections to companies willing to hire.  Gravity’s ground-breaking referral program also plays a role in the positive impact they are making for Diversity and Inclusion within the tech industry.  Research from Jobvite shows that referrals are the most productive source for finding talent for open tech positions.  In fact, > 40% of IT hires are made through referrals and these candidates perform better and stay longer once on your team.  The problem is recent upskilling graduates are new to the tech industry and therefore unlikely to be referred for open roles.

Gravity IT Resources has developed a proven, innovative referral platform to provide newly upskilled entry level tech workers with access to entry level IT job referrals.