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Gravity's Success Stories

At Gravity IT Resources, we strive to collaborate with our clients to solve their most pressing talent needs. Our case studies demonstrate how we work hand-in-hand with organizations of all sizes and across industries to deliver highly-skilled technical professionals who drive innovation and results. By taking the time to deeply understand each client's unique requirements, challenges, and goals, we are able to provide the specialized expertise and connections to help them thrive.

Our case studies illustrate the true partnership we build with our clients and the positive impacts achieved together. Browse our case studies below to see examples of how Gravity has activated ideas and built solutions to help organizations succeed in today's world of opportunities.


Case Study: ServiceNow Staffing


Case Study: SAP Program Execution Services

SAP Business Overhaul

Case Study: SAP Full Cycle Transformation


Case Study: SAP Business Case Development

Healthcare IT

Case Study: Salesforce Staffing

Healthcare IT (2)

Case Study: Salesforce CPQ Staffing


Case Study: PMO Staffing


Case Study: Infrastrucute & DevOps Staffing

ERP (1)

Case Study: ERP Staffing

Epic EMR

Case Study: Epic EHR/EMR Staffing

Healthcare IT

Case Study: Epic EHR/EMR Staffing


Case Study: Data & Cloud Analytics Staffing