Case Study: Infrastrucute & DevOps Staffing

Building an Efficient DevOps Team to Optimize Infrastructure and Bolster Security

How Gravity IT Resources Leveraged Kubernetes, Google Cloud, and Zero Trust to Streamline Operations and Safeguard Data for a Leading Travel Company


Industry:  Travel
Revenue:  $2.61B
# of Employees:  +/- 14,000
Practice Area:  IT Staffing – DevOps
Project:  Establish DevSecOps Team


Our client operates in the travel industry and is dedicated to revolutionizing the way travelers purchase and encounter travel experiences. Leveraging renowned customer service and distinct culture, they are on a mission to elevate and redefine the travel journey, positioning itself as the ultimate destination for all travel-related requirements.


To address our client’s requirements, we strategically built a DevSecOps team comprising of both Junior and Senior Engineers. This team played a pivotal role in streamlining the client’s diverse range of project initiatives, which encompassed security, optimization, IT governance, and cost optimization. These projects ranged from managing public client-facing websites containing sensitive PII/PCI data to overseeing managed endpoints across their infrastructure.

Gravity IT Resources was chosen as an exclusive partner to assist with identifying, vetting and onboarding consultants in order to build out a mature DevSecOps team over a period of time.


The client’s challenges included ensuring the security of their applications and data, optimizing cloud-based infrastructure, and achieving seamless scalability. They also sought to enhance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for their enterprise applications. Gravity IT was brought in as a partner to understand the business needs, company culture, and build out a dynamic and efficient DevSecOps team who embraced a holistic approach to address the client’s multifaceted challenges.


Gravity has a full-time, dedicated team of DevOps Delivery Managers and recruiters 100% focused on sourcing, vetting and onboarding proven DevOps resources for Gravity clients across the United States.  Gravity deployed this experienced and skilled DevOps delivery team to master the challenges faced by many organizations when recruiting this skillset.

Our client requested a variety of resources with specific skills and experience in order to properly meet the needs of project streams, including:

  • Infrastructure Optimization: The team streamlined the client’s cloud-based infrastructure, leveraging technologies such as Kubernetes (GKE), Google App Engine (GAE) microservices, Google Cloud Functions, and cloud networking security. This optimization facilitated efficient resource utilization and scalability.
  • Data Security: Implementing robust data security measures to safeguard sensitive PII/PCI data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
  • Zero Trust Execution: Adopting a zero-trust security model to enhance security posture and mitigate potential risks.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Security: Leveraging Cloudflare CDN and security solutions to enhance web performance and protect against cyber threats.
  • Monitoring Strategy: Implementing a comprehensive monitoring strategy for enterprise applications. This included the development of dashboards that provided real-time visibility into application states, enabling proactive issue identification and troubleshooting.

Gravity deployed its innovative “referral-driven” sourcing model and its recruiters aligned with DevOps/DevSecOps talent to identify multiple resources to establish this team.  Gravity then executed its 5-step vetting process to present the best DevOps consultants for the business.


Through the strategic establishment of a strong DevSecOps team and the implementation of a comprehensive infrastructure optimization strategy, our client successfully met their security, optimization, IT governance, and cost efficiency goals. This case study showcases the value of a proactive and multifaceted approach to infrastructure management in a dynamic IT landscape. By building out a cohesive team of individuals that properly balance the necessary skills to execute business initiatives, the organization successfully met their goals.

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