Workplace Wednesday: Salt Lake City

Spotlight on Gravity’s Salt Lake City Office & Team

From one-of-a-kind Leadership to team bonding activities, Gravity’s office culture aims to create a balance both personally and professionally for team members in Salt Lake City and at all of our Gravity office locations.

Salt Lake City’s Managing Partner & Team

Gravity’s Salt Lake City team enjoying happy hour.

Salt Lake City, Utah, October 11th, 2023 – This month we’re shining the spotlight on our Salt Lake City office!

Led by Managing Partner Joseph Tibolla, our Salt Lake City office continues to grow and expand into year 3 of operation. Each of Gravity’s offices is unique and although you will see similarities, we strive to choose locations that will benefit our employees and enable their involvement in their local communities.

Joe was born and raised in Utah and moved around during the start of his professional career after graduating from the University of Utah. Although he enjoyed discovering new places, all roads led back to Salt Lake City, Utah. Joe explains that Utah has a diverse landscape, from a personal and recreational standpoint of course, but also a great place to be from a business perspective.

Alongside Joe, the Salt Lake City office is a team of 4 hard-working and driven individuals who love calling Utah home. This team combines their strengths in sales, delivery and recruiting to surpass client expectations and help deserving individuals grow their careers.

Compassion is a core value at Gravity IT, and Joe fosters this by having his team engage with the Salt Lake City community through volunteering, fundraising, and supporting local charities and scholarships. Joe looks forward to hosting an in-office competition every year to see who can donate the most to the Utah Food Bank during their annual drive.


The Importance of Leadership

At Gravity IT, CEO Rick Connolly and COO Steve Dettor, strive to grow and expand the Gravity name, while keeping its core values, missions and culture true to its name. While expanding into new markets across the United States, they understand culture and leadership are two of the most unique aspects of Gravity. This is why each Managing Partner that joins Gravity, holds importance in the same values, helping grow the brand but keeping the heart of the business intact. While embracing the same values, each managing partner also brings their unique past experiences and personality to the table.

When asked about his leadership style, Joe shared that one of the best parts of his job is celebrating his employee’s wins. Joe explains this is the Gravity way, “We make it a point to celebrate both small and large wins often. Sometimes, it is as simple as a company-wide email highlighting a win or a job well done.  Locally, we celebrate big wins, promotions, etc. with team lunches and happy hours.” Joe also shared with us that every Friday, each member of the SLC team gets a chance to reflect on the week, giving the team an opportunity to end on a positive note.

The Team also had a few words they wanted to share.

My favorite part about working here is that everyone celebrates everyone’s success! When I first got promoted to Sr. Talent Agent the team planned a surprise happy hour. It was so fun and unexpected! I am so grateful to be on a such a supportive and encouraging team! Joe does a great job at fostering this culture and celebrating our success.Alexa Pautrat

Joe is the best ! He always has a positivity and optimism about him that is so needed in a business that has so many ups and downs. He has been a great mentor while a recruiter and as I transition into sales. I’m never afraid to come to him with questions or concerns and always walk away with a good plan after those conversations.Lila Seirsdale


Alexa Pautrat and her family enjoy a hike just outside of Salt Lake City, UT.

Why Choose Gravity’s Salt Lake City Location

Salt Lake City offers an attractive quality of life that landed it on several “best places to live” lists this year. Utah received the #1 Spot on the 2023 Best States List by U.S News & World Report. Utah received top scores in low crime and corrections, economy, education, fiscal stability, health care, infrastructure, natural environment and opportunities.

While hosting shops, restaurants and businesses, Utah also has a lot to offer in the nature department. Utah’s outdoor recreational activities and offerings are extensive. Utah is home to 5 national parks, over 40 state parks, 9 national monuments, 5 national forests and over 20 million acers of public land. Making this the ideal place to unplug after your weekday or week and explore. Salt Lake City was also once ranked #1 for best work-life balance and Lowest rick of burn out.

With its combination of economic growth, quality of life, Job opportunities and recreational activities, Utah is an appealing location for young professionals and families alike. The city offers accessibility to jobs and the outdoors, but also has all the modern necessities you would want in a city.






Lila Seirsdale hitting the slopes in Park City, UT, just 45 minutes from Gravity’s Salt Lake City office.

Hiring Great People Creates A Great Company Culture

Gravity’s Mission is to provide our team with compelling career opportunities and a powerful framework to build a life of significance and purpose.  Gravity delivers on this mission by rapidly developing it’s team members into successful business leaders.  Gravity promotes an inclusive, respectful culture, emphasizing positive recognition, strong team dynamics, work-life balance and internal growth. We are honored that our company’s dedication to its employees has been recognized via Great Place To Work®, with 97% of team members recommending Gravity as an employer.

When you become part of the Gravity family, you join a passionate group of like-minded team members who share common values, fresh perspectives and embrace the practice of working hard, but having a good work-life balance, prioritizing both professional growth and personal enjoyment. As a product of hiring with these values, expectations, and environment in mind, our teams are comprised of exceptional individuals, leading to Gravity’s hidden advantage: a pervasive company culture that permeates all our actions.




About Gravity IT Resources

Gravity is a Human Capital Management company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale with offices across the country including Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Columbus, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, San Diego and Tampa.  Our company has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as an “Inc. 5000” award winner and one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States for the last 5 consecutive years (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).

Gravity helps prominent clients like Salesforce, Chewy, Carnival Cruise Lines, AutoNation and hundreds of other big and small companies to identify, recruit and hire IT professionals for their most critical projects and jobs. Our recruitment spans across various roles, including artificial intelligence (AI) specialists, software engineers, cloud engineers, project managers, data engineers, business analysts, security engineers and more.

To serve clients effectively, Gravity offers a range of delivery models and services, encompassing:

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