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Culture Focused

You know finding candidates with the right technical skills for your team is just "table stakes" - the minimum it takes to be in the IT game today. Adding a resource with the right personality fit can unleash superior team performance. Adding a resource that misses that mark can result in disaster.

The problem is most recruiting agencies only focus on the hard skills, not the soft ones. Too much time searching for key words on a candidate's resume, not enough real conversation to learn how that person really works and interfaces with others.

Gravity's "Culture Focused" approach to IT staffing ensures personality fit is not an afterthought. We take the time to learn what types of personalities work with your team and which don't. Our behavioral interviewing techniques and personality profiles uncover the right resources for your team.

How it works

  • One

    Understand Your Culture

    Gravity takes the time to understand what culture fit means for your team and your organization

  • Two

    Translate to Screening

    Gravity uses live, face-to-face behavioral interviewing questions and techniques to complete first cut evaluation of culture fit

    Gravity asks similar culture-fit oriented questions of candidate's supervisory references

  • Three

    Information for Decision Making

    Gravity provides details on our culture fit evaluation as decision point for hiring decisions


  • One

    Access to candidates that are a perfect cultural fit for your team or organization

  • Two

    Higher team performance resulting from personality synergies

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