Personal Connection Wins Hearts and Minds of Top Talent

Talent Centric

We know finding the right IT talent for your team can be challenging. Demand for IT talent within most skill sets remains strong even against periodic economic headwinds. In this environment, you need a talent acquisition partner that can really connect with the best IT talent in your market.

The problem is that most recruiting agencies are transactional - they forget or wilfully ignore that candidates are people, with real hopes, dreams and aspirations for their next career move.

Gravity executes a high touch, boutique approach to truly engage with highly skilled IT talent. We take the time to really get to know and understand the candidates we represent, including their strengths, weaknesses and career goals. This "Talent Centric" mindset wins the hearts and minds of the best local IT talent - we then put these relationships to work for you.

How it works

  • One

    Provide Local IT Community Compelling Financial Incentives

    Gravity completes comprehensive interview with each candidate to understand their marketable skills, ideal next positions and career aspirations

  • Two

    Monitor and Present

     Gravity AI engine scans all our open jobs on daily basis and suggests possible fits

  • Three

    Place and Mentor

    Gravity vets and presents candidate to the right opportunity for them and client

    Gravity solicits/relays feedback on job performance to drive career growth


  • One

    Access to IT talent that is highly engaged and interested in your position

  • Two

    Higher team and corporate performance resulting from aligned goals and skills

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