Case Study: Data & Cloud Analytics Staffing

Driving Data Excellence: Auto Industry Leader’s Quest For Transformative Talent

Discover how Gravity IT Resources navigated the data cloud to fulfill a Fortune 200 company’s analytics ambitions with the right talent resources.


Industry:  Automotive Retailing, Distributions & Services
Revenue:  $20B
# of Employees:  +/- 4,000
Practice Area:  Data & Cloud Analytics Staffing
Project: Application & Data Modernization


Privately-owned and family-operated, a renowned Fortune 200 enterprise, dominates the automotive retailing, distribution, and services domain. Recognized among the top 20 companies to work for in the U.S. by Fortune Magazine and acclaimed for its diversity, our client is not just a workplace but a breeding ground for growth and excellence.


Amidst a rapidly evolving automotive industry, accurate and efficient data analytics stands as a pivotal foundation to understand customer needs, better manage supply chains and drive revenue. One of the largest privately–owned companies in the US, this $20B automotive company has embarked on a  massive 5-year modernization effort. One vital component of this modernization initiative is the transition of applications and data from legacy COBAL Mainframe systems to Azure. In the beginning stages of this ambitious project, this auto distribution leader teamed up with Gravity to quickly stand up a seasoned team of Senior Data Analysts with a strong sense of intellectual curiosity.


In a data-driven world, one of the world’s largest distributors of Toyotas in the world needed a team of Sr Data analysts to trace, validate, and optimize their data journey – from entry to backend storage. Our client’s modernization project required experienced and engaged talent to execute. The need was for analysts who could seamlessly navigate through a myriad of data sources like COBAL mainframe, SAS, originations and collections. Beyond this analytical aspect, the role demanded analyst that had the ability to spot patterns, inconsistencies and anomalies in data interdependencies. These findings, crucial for the project’s success, had to be communicated effectively to the business units. The challenge? Finding individuals proficient in SQL, data lineage, and business processes, but also able to bridge the language divide between business and tech.


The challenge was twofold: pinpointing individual talent and assembling a cohesive team capable of propelling the initiative forward. Gravity leveraged its expansive network and proven expertise to staff this team

The primary mission was not just to staff qualified candidates, but to curate a team whose values aligned with the automotive distributor vision. The Senior Data Analyst roles had stringent prerequisites:

  • Mastery over SQL with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  • Comprehensive experience as a Data Analyst.
  • Acumen in data lineage and source to target mapping.
  • Solid academic foundations in Data Analytics or Computer Science.
  • Stellar communication skills for bridging the tech-business divide.
  • Sharp business insight, ensuring alignment with distributor’s mission.

These foundational requirements were layered with additional specific needs emphasizing:

  • A probing and analytical approach to data, fostering discovery and insight.
  • Robust documentation prowess, with familiarity in tools like Collibra, ensuring that business strategies were grounded in clear and understandable data insights.
  • A dual linguistic capacity, articulating findings in both technical and business vernacular.

Gravity’s rigorous screening process resulted in shortlisting candidates who not only met the technical benchmarks but also mirrored our clients esteemed culture and ethos.


Of the 25 resumes previously submitted by competing firms, none were deemed a match. Gravity’s first submission aligned with the required qualifications, demonstrating an understanding of the role requirements. Leveraging this success, Gravity proceeded to identify and place additional candidates, achieving a 100% fill rate for staffing the team.

The three analysts completed integration and commenced collaboration with the 10+ person analytics team. This team operates within a larger framework of over 80 professionals working to enable the distributor’s modernization initiatives. The positions required a hybrid onsite/remote work model, indicating Gravity’s capacity to source niche skill sets under specific work constraints.

Qualitative feedback provided by one placed candidate highlighted satisfaction with Gravity’s recruitment process and mentoring support.

“I am thrilled to write a testimonial for Nick, my recruiter at Gravity IT Resources… From the moment I connected with Nick, it was evident that he is not just a recruiter but a true partner… His support throughout the entire recruitment process was invaluable… I am immensely grateful to Nick for his exceptional support and guidance throughout my recruitment process… He is not just a recruiter; he is a mentor, a friend, and a true advocate for your success. Thank you, Nick, for making my career dreams a reality!”

Overall recruitment metrics indicate Gravity exceeded competitor performance for this engagement across key dimensions of role match rate, placement rate, and stakeholder satisfaction.

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