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JOB TITLE: Associate, Underwriting and Portfolio Management
REPORTS TO: Director or Managing Director, Underwriting and Portfolio Management
DIVISION: Corporate Finance
DEPARTMENT: Corporate Finance
JOB SUMMARY: The Associate, Corporate Finance is responsible for reviewing new transactions (“Underwriting”)
and ongoing monitoring and ownership of the existing portfolio (“Portfolio Management”). This role helps oversees a
portfolio of loans that they have helped underwrite, providing an opportunity to learn from the full cycle of an
? Participate in meetings with private equity sponsors and borrowers to develop an understanding of a company
? Review the following:
? Materials including confidential investment memorandums, management/lender presentations and other
? Third-party diligence reports including quality of earnings, industry/market studies, operational
diligence, environmental diligence, and others
? Financial statements, sponsor models and all other relevant financial information to understand business
trends including segment performance, customer growth, etc.

? Participate in the process for amendments, waivers and restructurings of borrowers within the assigned portfolio.
? Identify attributes of a company which support the investment thesis as well as factors which pose a risk to the
business. Identify and describe mitigating factors present in the business, structure of the credit, etc. which offset
the risks identified
? Perform industry research to understand macro trends that impact a company and the competitive environment
that it operates in
? Create and write detailed investment memorandums which outline the opportunity
? Assist in reviewing legal documents to ensure the Bank’s understanding of key business terms. Work with
external legal counsel to document final investment terms
? Actively monitor the assigned portfolio on an ongoing basis. Participate in real-time credit discussions as well
as scheduled quarterly reviews throughout the life of the loan
? Ensure timely receipt of deliverables and manage the credit file for the assigned portfolio
? Support the activities of partner organizations of Bank
? Perform other duties as assigned
? Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 2 years of experience in a public accounting, financial consulting,
valuation, leveraged finance, investment banking, or another area of finance or accounting preferred
? Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills
? Experienced knowledge of finance and accounting, including financial statement analysis
? Experienced understanding of debt finance products and services, risk management and credit quality across
different industry sectors preferred
? Ability to efficiently manage projects with some supervision
? Ability to work under pressure on multiple projects in parallel while still meeting deadlines
? An ability to synthesize information from various sources and comprehend multiple, distinct points of views on
any given topic
? Strong oral and written communications skills with the ability to express ideas in a persuasive, organized, and
articulate manner
? Strong interpersonal skills with ability to maintain relationships

? High proficiency with Microsoft Office products, including Excel, Word, and Outlook
? Strong Excel-based modeling skills preferred
? Familiarity with CapitalIQ, Pitchbook, Bloomberg, and other market data sources preferred
CORE COMPETENCIES: Demonstrates values-based competencies in line with the core values that are the
foundation of all activities performed by employees in order to achieve the Mission of the Company.


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