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Industry:  Automotive Retailing, Distributions & Services
Revenue:  $20B
# of Employees:  +/- 4,000
Practice Area:  IT Staffing
Project:  Enterprise Modernization Program


Privately-owned and family-operated, a renowned Fortune 200 enterprise, dominates the automotive retailing, distribution, and services domain. Recognized among the top 20 companies to work for in the U.S. by Fortune Magazine and acclaimed for its diversity, our client is not just a workplace but a breeding ground for growth and excellence.


Our client is undergoing a massive modernization effort across the enterprise over the next 4-6 years. They are currently in the beginning stages of this effort, the E&P (estimation and planning) phase. They are going to be upgrading all their mainframe (COBAL) systems and moving the majority of their data to Azure cloud by retiring their Teradata data source and building out a data lake within Azure. They are also concurrently embarking on an Enterprise Agile Transformation. These initiatives will change all core systems, processes, and methodologies.

This is more than just a lift and shift of the systems, but rather, a combination of digital transformation (system implementation) and organizational change (process / culture change) efforts. Most of the modernization will take place on the back end of the systems, point to point integrations, and backend automations.

Gravity IT Resources was chosen as a Preferred Staff Augmentation Partner to assist with identifying, vetting, and onboarding consultants to assist in adding additional resources to specifically support this multi-year initiative.


The leading automobile company has undertaken, and kick-started this extensive modernization initiative to rectify outdated technology infrastructure and systems. As technology evolves rapidly, many businesses find themselves facing challenges and inefficiencies due to legacy systems and processes that no longer meet their needs. They are looking to ease scalability to accommodate growth in data, users, and business operations.

Gravity IT Resources will be relied upon to fill in the resource gaps driven by this change.


The challenge was twofold: pinpointing individual talent and assembling a cohesive team capable of propelling the initiative forward. Gravity leveraged its expansive network and proven expertise to staff this team

Gravity has a full-time, dedicated team of Delivery Leads and recruiters 100% focused on sourcing, vetting, and onboarding Information Technology resources for Gravity clients across the United States.  Gravity has deployed experienced and skilled resources to meet the client’s needs.

  • Sr. Project Managers
  • Sr. Business Analysts
  • Change Managers
  • Agile Coaches
  • Scrum Masters
  • .NET Azure PaaS Developers
  • Technical Leads
  • Azure Solution Architects
  • Salesforce Integration Developers
  • Data Engineers / Analysts
  • Help Desk/Service Desk Admins
  • Azure DevOps Engineers

Gravity implemented its innovative “referral-driven” sourcing model and aligned its recruiters with the requisite skill sets to efficiently identify and onboard multiple resources for this Program. Gravity then executed its 5-step vetting process to present the best IT consultants for the open positions.


Thanks to Gravity’s exceptional ability to source top-tier AI talent, our contractors enabled our client to launch their groundbreaking Generative AI Itinerary Search LLM. This innovative tool has already received enthusiastic feedback from internal staff, department heads, and top executives. The initial proof of concept (POC) not only demonstrated significant revenue-generating potential but also showed a marked increase in conversion rates.

Building on this successful POC, Senior Leadership has restructured the digital experience department to establish a dedicated Generative AI Product Innovation team. This new team is charged with spearheading the next wave of AI advancements, from conceptualization and experimentation to rigorous testing and final production.

In recognition of Gravity’s pivotal role, senior leadership has invited us to initiate the pipeline for this cutting-edge team, starting with the recruitment of a Senior Generative AI Solution Architect. This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in our collaboration, as we drive forward the future of AI innovation within our client’s organization.

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