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Industry:  Travel & Tourism
Revenue:  $6.06B
# of Employees:  +/- 35,000
Practice Area:  IT Staffing – Generative AI
Project:  Generative AI POC


Our client is a leading global cruise company operating a fleet of ~30  ships across the world. Our client is known for pioneering innovative ship designs and introducing flexibility so guests can vacation on their schedules. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida.


Our client’s mobile team has been tasked with developing a proof of concept (POC) for a cruise line-specific large language model application focused on enhancing the itinerary search experience. This aligns with our client’s interest in leveraging generative AI to improve customer offerings and experience.

To quickly assemble a skilled team for this strategic project our client partnered with Gravity IT. Gravity leveraged its referral based recruitment engine and specialized recruiters to quickly identify and onboard these experts for a 6-month swat team to collaborate with our client’s in-house staff to accelerate the POC.


The client aims to harness the power of large language models like GPT-3 to create a more intuitive, conversational itinerary planning experience. The current search function is strictly keyword and filter-based, which does not provide the level of personalization today’s travelers expect.

The goal is to develop a POC generative AI Large Language Model application that can understand natural language queries, consider personal preferences and constraints, and suggest highly tailored cruise itineraries. Delivering this capability by year-end is a priority for our client’s leadership.


To meet the cruise line’s urgent talent needs for this initiative, Gravity leveraged its deep bench of seasoned AI, mobile and full stack engineers. Given the project’s complexity, Gravity focused on securing senior-level experts capable of delivering rapid results.

Within two weeks, Gravity onboarded the following:

  • 1 AI/ML Architect with 10+ years building conversational interfaces
  • 2 Mid-level Full Stack Engineers skilled in Python programming and large language model integration
  • 1 Senior Full Stack Engineer to lead engineering efforts
  • 1 Frontend UI Developer
  • 1 UI/UX Designer to enhance search interactions
  • 1 Mobile Tech Lead to coordinate mobile app integration
  • Data Science, Data Analytics, and MLOps Engineers

This cross-functional team was intentionally sized for agility in prototyping novel solutions. Gravity will scale up staffing as the project matures.


Thanks to Gravity’s exceptional ability to source top-tier AI talent, our contractors enabled our client to launch their groundbreaking Generative AI Itinerary Search LLM. This innovative tool has already received enthusiastic feedback from internal staff, department heads, and top executives. The initial proof of concept (POC) not only demonstrated significant revenue-generating potential but also showed a marked increase in conversion rates.

Building on this successful POC, Senior Leadership has restructured the digital experience department to establish a dedicated Generative AI Product Innovation team. This new team is charged with spearheading the next wave of AI advancements, from conceptualization and experimentation to rigorous testing and final production.

In recognition of Gravity’s pivotal role, senior leadership has invited us to initiate the pipeline for this cutting-edge team, starting with the recruitment of a Senior Generative AI Solution Architect. This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in our collaboration, as we drive forward the future of AI innovation within our client’s organization.

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